Active projects

QwtPlot3D library

Extensions to the popular Qt 3d plotting library.

Some new plotter types, such as volume plotter, added. It allows to render arbitrary points in the 3d space (i.e. voxels) as points cloud.

release 0.3.1 (build 322) of 2014/09/04

QSint library

Opensource collection of Qt widgets.

QSint::Core contains high-quality widgets for using in Qt applications, such as color pickers, Windows Vista/7-styled action boxes, recent files menus etc.

QSint::Charts contains classes for 2D plotting which are following Qt Model-View ideology.

release 0.2.2 of 2014/02/22


User interface for DictZip, a compressor for packaging electronic dictionaries.

release 0.1.0 of 2010/11/02

Discontinued projects

Sintegrial Text Editor

Advanced plain text editor with a lot of features. Now even faster, better and functional.

release 0.4.0 of 2010/05/23

Sintegrial KeySwitcher

Small Windows utility allows to switch current keyboard input layout via short click of a single button.

release 0.1.1 of 2010/01/12

Bubble Chains

Funny colorful arcade-puzzle game based on JAG engine. Drag color bubbles and combine them into chains.

release 0.1.1 of 2010/05/23
created in cooperation with XlabSoft